1. Cara is definitely better than Gigi and Kendall. But..if you've ever seen Naomi Campbell and her model generation walk, it's magical!

  2. Stop complaining about her walk the thing i think matters most is that she is most likely part of the most talented women in the world. She can sing,She can act AND SHE CAN MODEL!!!! That is pretty talented if you ask me!! Plus if your complaining you can probably walk like your drunk and high when your completely sober.

  3. I actually like Cara’s walk, & I’m usually pretty hard on that type of stuff. I find that it’s very confident, but still sleek and poised at the same time.

  4. I just noticed something, because I watched a video of molly blair before. They are both really skinny and tall but still have very childlike faces. I think that's kind of disturbing.

  5. omg i dont know that she is mess. i thought she famous bcoz what she did in catwalk is best like naomi tyra… but…???


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