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  1. Hard to tell in a video but I believe both the orange and white multi petal flowers are, as you said, Ranunculus ( in Canada the common name is Buttercups) and the other look like white Snap Dragons (Canadian version at least). Bargain at 3 pounds aka prob $6 Canadian lol. Lovely vlog xox

  2. I've found that losing friends as an adult makes you think it's you… but what I like to remind myself of is not everyone is meant to be in your life forever. I'm over 30 years old now and what I appreciate about being older is that it is easy to recognize s*** friends. Lovely Vlog as always thanks

  3. Love this vlog!So funny and you tackle those subjects that others don't, bikini waxes and adult female friendship, it feels like catching up with a good mate ❤️👍😀 xxx

  4. Every time I watch your vlogs I always think how you have such a lovely smile, your face properly lights up, then I think I sound like a creep if I say it but fuck it, you have a lovely smile!

  5. Hi, can anyone tell me what happened to her and Grace since we are talking about friendships I haven't watch both their channels in a while I thought they were very close??

  6. Mary, I absolutely agree about the struggle to meet new friends (as a freelancer especially). And dating. I never seem to widen my social circle beyond wankers and idiots I want to avoid ha! But it's also so intimidating to try and befriend a potential friend. Thank God I have a cat. 😬

  7. When you were talking in the kitchen about friendships , I just pictured you being a mom and giving the best advice ever. You're amazing Mary. ❤️

  8. Mary, I love those 7 For All Mankind on you! I have 2 and both pairs are so soft I wore them throughout the whole of my second pregnancy! Lol

  9. Something about watching your videos reminds me of the old YouTube days. I can’t even explain what I mean but that’s a good thing! Xx

  10. Great vlog! We’re funny creatures, us women, so true in what you said! I’m blessed to have two of the best friends anyone could wish for, we’ve had up & downs, but always knew that we were there for each other👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 as you get older you do find yourself breaking away from so called friends who are just bad karma, you realise that you don’t need that! Life’s too short!!keep it up Mary!!! Your amazeballs😘xxx

  11. I feel like my priorities are off: scrolling through all these inspirational comments about female friendships to try and find the name of those darn beautiful flowers.

  12. Babes you don't need to worry about the 'gram anxiety, your pics are amazing (although I do know what you mean about Maria's photos, I've just experienced the same thing!). Love your thoughts on friendship too, some real truths in there. Personally I find that thinking that it's difficult makes it difficult (as with everything in life), and I try to be that person who takes the initiative and ask people I like on a girl date, but I don't always have the confidence and succeed X

  13. I'm the baby at my work place and I've found it quite difficult to make friends with them as they all have kids and I don't. They just talk about their kids all the time! I'm a really sociable person but I'd rather have a few close friends than a huge group of average friends. 😁

  14. Thank you for closing out the vlog by discussing female friendships. What you said was so true and it's been a struggle for me as well. Especially in terms of not realizing when someone is a bad friend due to the history that we have. Thought it was well said and obvi resonated with me; I turned 30 last year and it's been a struggle.

  15. I’m 37 and I can’t even have more than two drinks….the hangovers feel like death..😩. It’s not worth it.

  16. I'm meeting new-ish friends for drinks tonight and it is a damn miracle. It is so hard as an adult! I'm new to your channel – happy to have heard about you from Tar Mar. 🙂


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