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Autodesk Maya 2013 Tutorial – Hair with transparency maps. I show you how to make hair using transparency maps. I will show you how to make a hair brush in photoshop and save the file with an alpha; then we will assign that material in maya to create the hair.

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  1. It depends on the studio, many use their own hair system. You can also use a combination. I am not an animator so I am not qualified to make videos on animation.

  2. how did you make that gray figure all collorful coz whenever i import from poser or daz they just look gray and i have know idea how to turn it back to the way it was. can somebody help me?

  3. thanks man i really appreciate it. i pressed 6 after importing from poser in 3ds but still looks gray. imma play around with it a little bit and see. thanks again bro

  4. hi bro you are game designer or something like this /
    Because Maya is usualy used for video games and game designer needs to know 3d apps !!!!

  5. why the hell dosnt my alpha show up? i did everything all i get is a transparent mesh where the whole thing becomes slightly see through thats all!!
     this happens every time im going insane! UGHHHHH pls help

  6. Mind if I ask how to place vertexes using the "Create polygon tool" on top of the head? It just places the new vertexes on the ground plane which is bad. I read somewhere that I have to snap it but I tried all of the snap options and the vertexes get either placed inside the head or on the ground plane.

  7. Thank you so much for this tutorial, Sir. This helped me a lot. I always had problems with doing hair, I'm really weak at it. Glad, I found this video =)

  8. the texture you create is low resolution, is there some kind of program that creates hi res textures to achieve something like final fantasy hair?


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