Music – “Kid Runner Flash Fashion”
Locations – Matara, Dondra

Matara is a city in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. Because the Southern Province consists of three districts and the city of Matara stands in between Galle and Hambantota which are the other districts of Southern Province. And its 160km away from the Capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo.


The southernmost tip of the Island and situated 6km from Matara, Devundara or Dondra is believed to be the abode of Upulvan Deviyo or God Vishnu. As such, originally termed as Devi Nuwara, which translates to the City of Gods, with time it is believed that the name has become Devundara and then Dondra, its English adaptation. The origin of the town is said to date back to 660AD where historical records show of a flourishing port town and a place revered by many travellers and worshipers seeking blessings of the deity. Now the town is more famous for the Dondra Head Lighthouse and the Devundara Devalaya.



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