We’re gearing up for our next Alaska cruise so I take some time to show you what suitcases we’ll be taking, the wardrobe I’m planning to take, and I give a little demo as to how to use packing cubes and a garment folder.

Some Links:

Here is my “What’s in my Carry-On & “My” Must-Haves” Video:

Shacke Pak Packing Cubes:

Eagle Creek Medium Garment Folder:

Coastal Rain Skimmer Shoes:

Minnetonka Walking Shoes:

Columbia Jacket:

Compression Socks:

Here is a link for that shop where I got that Glacier Silt Soap:

My Country Craft Corner YouTube Channel:

My Blog:

I’m on Instagram here:


  1. Very good idea about packing a cube in the smaller suite case with embarkation day! We are flying the day before too and also staying a day after.

  2. Always enjoy your videos!! Would love to see how you actually pack your packed cubes into your suitcase with the other items you pack, like shoes, coats, makeup. 😊

  3. I’m so glad you shared what you are likely to be taking with you as it is so helpful to me. I’m off to Alaska in early August and seeing what another lady packs (of a similar size) is awesome.


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