Lingerie can be so confusing and expensive! And you cannot makeup for it by buying cheap stuff, because it’s something you wear daily. So here is an Affordable Lingerie Haul, with some super useful discoveries that might come in handy for you girls too.

Check out these review on Clovia Lingerie Essentials For Every Girl, to make your life more fashionable and comfortable, without the pocket pinch.

Clovia links:Period Panty –

Lace Boyshorts –

Laser Cut Nude Hipster –

Front Cage Red Bra –

Nude Bra –

Spacer Cup Bra –

Balconette Bra –

Bra-Panty Sets –

Nighty Robe set:

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  1. Hey didu…. Thank you! Clovia is amazing I have ordered from it n it's just amazing…. the quality is amazing n their returing policy is so easy😊 Girls go ahead n buy it..!!

  2. How do you ship lingerie online? Because one I tried buying one it did not fit like the way I was expecting

  3. Hello ma'am
    Plz help me out !
    Ma'am there's a DIY lacto calamine .. I can't afford to buy the lacto calamine lotion from market !
    Plz tell me can I use this DIY lacto calamine ( made with kaolin clay and calamine powder alovera gel).
    Can I use this ?daily on my skin ? Or any thing to worry ?

  4. Hey prachi really need ur help…. My hair is falling so badly… I m just 18 years old.. I used to have had amazing hair just one month ago… Plz help me … Its a big prblm… Plz

  5. Hi prachi… Is thisBrown nude bra n even all bra hv wired for support ?? … I really like this segment :).. Do reply plz

  6. I must say u always rock ….always take care of budget. Understand the real meaning of budget.luv u really….😘😘😘

  7. Dii I love watching yur videos…nd your hair colur suits yu…u look just amazing in pink hair…..luv luv😍😘

  8. Hello….the minimum size in all those are 32 I believe…what if the person's size is less then 32…what options do they have…? Kindly suggest

  9. Please make more such videos because make up n all can be managed by experimenting but lingerie..omg.. it's such a tough task.. please make videos on how to choose the right fabrics, the right style, sizes, what styles are available.. there's a lot we need to know and yes all the info is available online.. but it's not always possible that our research is in the right direction..n so we look up to YouTubers like you whose researches we trust and hence it helps us grow.. thank you so much for this video and do make more of these kinds. .you are lovely ❤️

  10. Thank you so much Prachi ❤😘 this is great useful video which I come across first thing in the morning 😘 I am great fan of u… I always watch u r videos and use them in my life thanks Prachi ❤

  11. Guys I don't understand why Prachi didi is having less views on her channel despite of 8lakh subscribers and her hardwork….. Didi plz don't think I am insulting you cuz I luv you so much and you are my role model in character wise.Just wanna know if anyone can tell me?

  12. Hi dear, youe hair color is different and gud looking but the hair setup is not suit your face. Centre line is not suit u. So do different hair style. Color gud but focus on hair style. Your previous style all r superb..


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