We start the day relaxing at home, checking out Grant and Christina’s new car, and enjoying lunch with a dear friend. In true Brookhart fashion, we head out late at night for an adventure downtown. Join us for a tour of our favorite city! We show off where we had our first date, where we got engaged, and where we got married. Have you ever visited Chicago? Tell us your favorite thing about it in the comments below!

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  1. Happy Tuesday evening. Thank you for taking me along on your downtown Chicago Adventure it was so nice to see where you guys dated,got engaged , got married (I saw Your wedding video very beautiful) and where you had your reception. I have never been to Chicago Maybe one day. Downtown reminds me a lot of downtown Manhattan. Maybe one day you can come and visit New York City. Have a safe 4th of july

  2. Enjoy! There’s no place like home, and home is where the heart is, apparently both Chicago and Disney. 😉

  3. Loved this video! I completely agree- Disneyworld is the best place, Chicago is the best city! My husband and I live a couple hours away from Chicago and try to go at least once a month, just to walk and eat. We hope to move to Orlando someday but for now just living vicariously through you. Thanks for the great content!

  4. I love Chicago so very much, too! I actually worked in the Hancock building after college and it was such a cool experience!

  5. I love the city walk updates sooo much! They're adding more to it going south & theres rumor of adding another red line stop. It's awesome to see another Chicago lover 🙂 My fiance & I will be up there for the 4th to watch fire works on navy pier! It's been a yearly tradition for us!
    Also I love that disney store!!! 🙂

  6. I’m a Chicagoan and love the shots of the buildings at night. You guys need to get some LSD shots with the beaches and parks on one side and downtown on the other.

  7. I love Chicago. I once went on the architectural boat tour- it was fabulous! And, I attended my cousin’s wedding reception – held at the top of the Sears tower (I don’t think it’s called that anymore). I love my tattoo and have thought for a couple years about my next one. I think I will get it done in September 😀

  8. I haven't been to Chicago in years and years. Sometimes we place kiddos up in East Chicago, and this makes me want to tag along with a coworker next time to hop on over to Chicago proper! Love that you guys are always adventuring and "living every day like it's Saturday!"

  9. My boyfriend is Filipino and I instantly recognized the drinks! Super yummy! Loving the Chicago vlogs😊

  10. I really don't see you guys staying in Florida because of your love of Chicago. Either way you still have fans

  11. People who don't understand why you guys moved to Florida must have not watched your vlogs from the beginning before the move. I love that even though you both loved the city you grew up in you still chose to be adventurous and take a chance on one of your dreams which was living by Walt Disney World! 😊


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