A day in Japan! I travelled from Tokyo to Osaka by Peach Airways! Travelling from Tokyo to Osaka by Shinkansen (bullet train) can get very expensive, sometimes it is cheaper to travel by plane! Usually tickets are around $150 for a bullet train ticket and I got my plane ticket for $40! I met up with some friends and hung out around Umeda and also went to the Pokemon Center too! I also always spend time with my host family whilst in Japan so here is a bit of footage with them!

I’m going to Japan and Korea in a few weeks time so let me know what other videos you want me to film!

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I’m Kim Dao, a Blogger and Youtuber from Australia. I am Vietnamese and I studied Psychology and Japanese at university. I make videos about Beauty, Fashion and Japan. I love Asian beauty products, especially Japanese and Korean makeup and skincare. I also love travelling and love making travel vlogs, especially in Japan.

I love making videos especially on Morning Routines, Night Time Routines, Get Ready With Me, Makeup Tutorials, Makeup Favourites, Japanese makeup, Korean Makeup, Fashion, Japanese Makeup Hauls, Korean Makeup Hauls, Japanese Skincare Routines, Korean Skincare Routines. I love making Fashion videos and Lookbook videos. You can also find some hair tutorials as well as Diet & Fitness videos.

I do a lot of Japan vlogs and I love to give information and tips about travelling to Japan. I also love doing fun videos like Japanese snack taste tests and fun tag videos such as room tours and apartment tours.

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  1. Oh Japan, I miss that place so much. The people are so beautiful and friendly, just a magical place to visit.

    One Life, One Search,
    Peace Out,

  2. Hey I was just wondering, how does it go filming inside stores in Japan? Do you need to ask for permission? You're not usually allowed in Australia so I was wondering :3 love this video so much by the way!+kimdao

  3. Wow I always thought that flying would be the most expensive option so I never bothered looking :0 didn't know it was cheaper than the bullet train xD thanks! <3

  4. how much did you spend on just shopping? I'm going this year and I really like similar things you buy~ 🙂

  5. Hi Kimdao, I'm going to Japan in August. Me and my friend start planning our first Japan trip from Tokyo to Osaka. I know Japan is known for expensive. After some research, I got to know that their transportation is much more expensive than other countries. Is there other way of transportation that can reduce the cost of travelling like you mentioned in your vlog? Please advise!! 😙😙😙Thanks!!

  6. You wouldn't pay full price for a bullet train though. You can buy nationwide or regional passes for trains at a big discount if you are a tourist. It is great if you are town/city hopping.

  7. hey i just moved to osaka recently, maybe we could meet up for you to show me around? and things that i should and shouldn't do, thanks 😀


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