Hey everybody!!!! You guys loved the 10 medium length hairstyles ( video so much that I thought I’d make another little round up of styles for you. Lately I’ve been wearing scrunchies… like a lot. Just give me all the scrunchies! I prefer scrunchies to elastics because they really help me avoid damaging my hair, and they pretty much elevate every single hairstyle I can think of!!

Scrunchies are great to use at night when you want to save your curls for the next day – check out hairstyle #2. Scrunchies are great if you have really long hair and the weight of it hurts your head when styling a top knot. I don’t know what it is, but I could wear a scrunchie all day and not feel a thing. Scrunchies are great when you need to put your hair up wet because they’re so soft and gentle on your vulnerable wet hair. Scrunchies are great when you want to be a cool hipster that does cool things…? Maybe? I don’t know. I feel like I’ve given you enough reasons to love the scrunchies. Now here is some proof in the hairstyles!

Want to know my favorite scrunchies? Or see more pictures and details of these styles? Check out my blog post here

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Curls Tutorial

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  1. I'm so happy that you made this video!! I got scrunchies for Christmas, and didn't really know how to wear them. So thank you so much!!! I love all of your videos and you you such a wonderful family ❤️

  2. Love the hair styles. And scrunchies are so easy to make on your own from some left over fabric and an elastic. So fun and u can make any colors or materials.

  3. you are so gorgeous!!! i've been thinking of picking up some scrunchies lately and now i'm SOLD. thanks for sharing these styles!!

  4. And this shows how the humble scrunchie easily can elevate an everyday hairstyle into something a bit more fancy. I'm a big fan 😉

  5. I love all of these!!!! I’m definitely using the Dutch braid for school tomorrow 😄 I’m an aspiring hair-do’er and I live for hairstyle videos

  6. loved this video!I love these easy scrunchie suggestions! Especially the two messy buns at the back of the head- so cute and so easy . I will also try allllll of your space bun suggestions.

  7. I randomly decided to order some scrunchies on amazon to prevent my hair from breaking and then decided too see if there were any tutorials on how to style them…soo weird that you posted one a couple days ago! Love your tuts girl 🙂


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