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We have to talk about some of these recent style trends. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of and said that these are making him going loco.

CEASE Rocking These Trends

1. Big headphones as a style accessory

2. Rolling your pants ‘wrong’

3. Not wearing summer boots such a chukkas

4. Thinking you can wear sneakers with everything

5. Casual shorts with dress shoes & shirts

6. Five inch inseam shorts

Chukka Love!

Alpha loves Thursday Boots – especially their chukkas. They made a super high end boot at an amazing price. The leather is incredible, the soles are slip resistant, and they have a mid-sole cork bed (most comfortable boots you’ll ever wear!). These boots are incredible. Use the link to see the tons of designs – including shoes! Thursday Boots’ quality, craftsmanship, and price have been brought to their shoes.


  1. I wear my headphones to the gym because they are wireles. so much comfort because you dont have any wires dangeling around your body. And I dont smell nasty while sweating.

    but where you draw the line between sneakers and averyting else. Sometimes they look like sportshoos and sometimes they look quit nice but are in fact stil sneakers.

  2. Adidas tracksuits. A chavalanche (avalanche of chavs) of young guys all wearing the same tracksuit bottoms EVERYWHERE

  3. Shoes with no socks man like WTF its so weird uncomfortable and gives you smelly feet. Socks people wear socks

  4. Skinny ties, with open collars and just skinny ties in general. I get slimmer dudes might want to match the tie to the lapel but go standard, skinny makes you look like a teenager who brought a crappy suit for prom

  5. Love my Big headphones …. in my humble opinion is better to wear than making a video where u sponser chukka for summer use… thats a trend that has to stop😜

  6. I personally wear Beats to the gym cause I don't want to be bothered by people and get in the zone with my music. Also I got them on sale lol

  7. Alpha, I totally understand your perspective on headphones. However, I think that wearing sport headphones like Beats is more functional in a gym setting as earbuds usually fall out of my ear when I am working out. Besides, when I hit the gym my objective is to improve my fitness, not get a date.

  8. Ok so I go to Jeff Cavaliere for my work out needs, the Hodgetwins for a little comedy and work out advice and Alpha for my style and do’s and don’t s. Loving this channel


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