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  1. i love backpack-type bags but for some reason (most likely my large hips/behind) they always make my skirt ride up when i wear them & have to walk anywhere 🙁

  2. My favorite is the cotton candy feet bag, I got one after your review on it in gold and they even let me put it on a payment plan 💖💖💖

  3. I really want a randoseru….. my main trouble is the only thing I ever need to carry around is my macbook, and I'm not sure if that'd fit.

  4. Actually i needed this video,i always use my lovely eastpak so i'll buy an ita bag,after the comicon in my city! (if you love sherlock,i will meet Martin freeman the next month!i am excited so much guys :D)

  5. I wonder if the Randoseru could fit an ipad pro 12 inch in it, if it does I'd honestly use it everywhere always because I want a cute bag that will accomodate my work gear aaa and that Randoseru is too freaking cute!

  6. I also have the CCF bubble heart bag and a Randoseru. I carry a lot of stuff with me so a big bag is a must! I have a problem with my CCF straps popping off randomly though. ;_;

  7. I tried on a traditional Randoseru one time, and I couldn't get it on my shoulders ;_; because its a bag for children, it seems smaller people can wear it but not me ;;;_;;;;

  8. I love you Looorrrrr! 😁💕 You’re always super kawaii (even when you aren’t all dressed up!) and you’re such a kind soul with a wonderful personality! You make the best Lolita videos as well! 💖

  9. I have wanted a randoseru for years 😭🎒 (p. s. You pronounced it perfectly) Thanks for the reminder and the tips on what to look out for in various bag styles.

  10. I have a Betsey Johnson Backpack in pink and black and it's a cute little bear with a pouch that are her sunnies(which has silver glitter for the glass part of the sunnies) that attach to her with magnets. I love that bag to bits got it for my birthday back in feb =0) I put things on the zipper and Hang my Ice cream squishy off of my bag so I can squeeze it when ever I feel my anxiety coming on =0) I really want a ita bag to display all of my little doodads I get I'm on a hunt to get one =0)

  11. I hope that discount is good for another month bcause I am focusing on paying off debt this month buttt looooove this

  12. Thanks for the shoutout!! I love randoserus but i feel like id look like a child lol. I once asked my japanese friend about it and she was weirded out by it since it really only worn by small school kids xD

  13. I would love a rando but at that price 😂 I would have to wear it like every day lool. The quality looks amazing though so I guess it's worth it in the long run😌💕

  14. Anyone know of uber cute bags that would keep your stuff safe while riding the metro/buses/subway or being in large crowded cities?

  15. I bought what I thought was the same cotton candy feet bag, but mine isn't adjustable, it's a hand bag only. Still disappointed I can't make it a backpack but it's still big and useful

  16. I've been looking for a Ranran's randoseru for a while now, but I'm still hoping they would release a lavender bag soon, it would be so awesome ;//;

  17. I have the Shellie May version of the Duffy bag you have and I can vouch at how huge, comfortable and practical it is. Mines holds so much stuff!

  18. Fellow Lolita fans, I have a question! Since Lolita can be described as a fancy Victorian-esque dress, but could fancy tuxes count? Would a pastel pink Victorian style tux with many accessories count as sweet Lolita? Just wondering lol


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