Japanese fashion brands are known for being quite expensive but some are incredibly priced. What makes them so out of reach for most fans and which ones take are particularly out of range? We take a look at five brands, from Japan, we love but some of us simply can’t afford.


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  1. Hey @thecasual – I really loved this list and it got me looking into some of VISVIMs pieces and dammmn are they ever beautiful. I love the cuts and the overall look they shoot for! But woooooooow do I have troubles with $1000+ dollar button downs! Would you be able to maybe make a top 5 for affordable Japanese brands with nice cool cuts like VISVIM does? We don't have a whole lot of those cool blanks/cuts here in Italy! sending some love your way man!

  2. As many others have said: Acronym. I really wish I could get a few of their pieces but man food is nice too.

  3. ive literally never seen anyone rock mastermind shits just too expensive, makes gucci look like gap in terms of prices

  4. One more quick bonus: Soulive is great, but unless you get it on sale, the prices are a little bit high. Great video!

  5. Mastermind is like paying $5000 for a child’s Kmart T-shirt. Takahiro’s brand is more like artwork, instead of actual clothes. Kapital is homeless jp Americana.

  6. Julius is an awesome brand, but some of the outwear items are a bit out of reach, (especially outside Japan).

  7. early soloist is gold.. now the quality has slipped down a lot; mastermind has in my opnion never worth its price level; goro's are just hard to identify authenticity for most of time; I feel like kapital is really worth its price tho, but not in European/American market..

  8. I love Kapital. Happy with the 2 tshirts i have. their collection seems like similar to the likes of Greg Lauren and another Japanese brand Needles…

  9. How do the Japanese designers make it… Meaning the higher your prices, the fewer buyers… How do they survive?

  10. I just found your channel and i can't thank the youtube algorithm enough for it! I'm gonna binge watch everything today lol. Have you ever made a q&a or would you ever consider making any vlog type stuff? I'm really in love with the japanese culture ever since i was a kid and seeing someone moving to live there is something i really do admire. Would love to see some unfiltered scenes out of a daily life if that makes sense ? (yes i know that this is a fashion channel, but maybe one day you would consider to switch it up:) Love your content already bro, KEEP IT UP!!! Much love from Germany.


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