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Topic of discussion: Which of the 5 tips for teens was your favorite?

TEEN STYLE TIPS, Teen Style Tips, I said Teen… Style… Tips! You guys have requested this so many times, and I think it was time to finally address fashion and style tips for the young men out here watching my channel. I decided not to talk specifics (brands, specific styles) because you need much more than that when you’re in school. You need to explore and try different styles and outfits until you find something that really resonates with you. You need to learn to shop on a budget and find affordable clothing, and invest only in what makes sense. Watch the video to see my top 5 style tips for teens!

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  2. I have trouble with my hair because it isn’t like yours I have spiral curly hair and you can’t really do much with that but I feel like I got everything else pretty much down I go to the gym everyday I eat clean I smell good I dress ok I could probably do a little better


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